Today marks the 9th anniversary of Tina Hussey’s passing.

The Australian Breast Care Centre (ABCC) was formed by leading Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Dr Nicole Yap, who’s close friend Tina

Hussey was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy (years prior to their friendship).

Her treatment was in retrospect, fatally inadequate. She had surgical removal of the cancer with no radiation or follow up treatment

leaving her to face the disease’s return 10 years later. Tina fought again for 5 years, but succumbed leaving behind three children, two of whom were still in school.

This experience led to a call to action and hence the Australian Breast Care Centre was born so that women like Tina should have the best chance of early detection and appropriate treatment.

ABCC’s mission is to increase awareness to enable early detection of breast symptoms, improve access to MRI and genetic testing, as well as improving aesthetic outcomes in breast cancer surgery for positive mental health – especially in younger age groups (<50).

“23% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are under 50 years.”