Dr Nicole Yap was recently invited by Global risk management company, Moody’s, to speak to their internal women’s Business Resource Group (BRG) at their Asia-Pacific (APAC) wide virtual presentation. 


Moody’s women’s BRG group initiative is to help contribute to developing a more effective and inclusive work environment for employees across the globe. The BRG objective is to enhance the recruitment, retention and professional development of female professionals by implementing programs that foster greater inclusion amongst peers, as well as the broader community. One of the three pillars of the APAC Women’s BRG is to provide information and discussion around topics that affect women in their workforce.


Dr Yap’s presentation covers a wide range of issues around breast health, especially on the topic of breast cancer – during the presentation she clarifies her job as a Specialist Breast Surgeon, offering simple explanations into all things regarding breast care, breast cancer awareness, prevention and cures available, diving into further detail about how to detect breast cancer in yourself and when is an appropriate time to take action towards prevention. In doing so, she empowers us with the knowledge necessary when dealing with potential breast-cancer scares. 


She also shares her personal journey on becoming a world class and highly accomplished surgeon in a traditionally male dominated field. Dr Yap draws on her own experience to encourage personal development and leadership, to help inspire positive change in others. 


During her presentation, Dr Yap shares inspiring stories on how she continues to strive for success despite the challenges of working in a predominantly male-dominated field, and the determination and focus required to achieve your goals – whatever they may be.


The presentation was well attended by Moody’s APAC women’s BRG, with many interesting and intelligent questions raised by the members of the group.  


Dr Yap was honoured to speak at this important event, where she donated her time on behalf of her not-for-profit charity foundation, Australian Breast Care Centre (ABCC). We would like to thank Moody’s for their generous donation to the ABCC, helping us to save lives and increase awareness.