With Mother’s Day almost upon us, we invite you to hear these two inspiring breast cancer survivors, Lucy and Carolyn, discuss their experience with genetic testing and how their breast cancer journeys were impacted.

Late last year, the Australian Breast Care Centre launched a ten-part episode series, with founder Dr Nicole Yap and a group of her brave patients.

Episode #4 looks at the topic of genetic testing and how it can aid in the early detection of breast cancer.


Visit Australian Breast Care Centre website to watch episode 4 to learn more about genetic testing these brave patients!
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Q. When is genetic testing important?
A. When your family depend on you.
This series explores the diagnostic and treatment journeys of these patients to promote the importance of awareness and early detection. It could save your life!
Episode #4 Featuring: Dr Nicole Yap and patients Lucy Spano and Carolyn O’Halloran, hosted by Wendy Squires.